„Making the global flow of goods more efficient.“


We have become too much accustomed that nowadays all goods are available to us always and everywhere to be aware of the huge efforts, that have to be made to ensure this. The global flow of goods has reached a scope, that has never been seen before in history. Simultaneously, the amount of fossil fuels, that are putting this flow in motion, decreases relentlessly. To meet the responsibility towards the following generations, Loom Technologies set his sights on increasing the efficiency of the logistic through intelligent organization, mathematic optimization and an established information base for the management continuously.


To bring maximum output for you, we build on our high motivated employee, who are working on the realization of our vision of a perfect logistic-solution day by day. Based on steadily increasing demand on our products and services we in search for energetic talents to extend our team. We can offer you the challenging collaboration in a high motivated team. You will be able to co-create innovative solutions and implement own ideas. If you are interested in actively help shaping the future of the logistic with us, you can initiatively send us your promotion.